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Read me first

Postby admin » Thu Nov 20, 2008 11:24 pm

Welcome to the Taoism Forum!

This forum is for people willing to learn more on Taoism (tao-chia or the philosophical Taoism) theory and practice and wish to discuss further with others interested in the same things. If you wish to post a question or a reply, please:

- Register - Click Register link on top right of forum and follow the instruction.

- Choose the right forum - Place your post in the right forum to be sure it will be answered in no time.

- FAQ - There's a FAQ page for questions regarding this forum. Please visit this page by clicking the FAQ link in the top menu. Most of your questions related to the forum procedures are answered there.

- No Ads Accepted - Please don't post advertisements of any kind in this forum. They will be removed and the poster banned. If you wish to place an ad banner, you need to contact us at the email address above.

- Link exchange Policy - In case you wish to post a link to a Taoism site or online resource, please be sure you already placed a link back to us on that site/resource. This is call reciprocal links and is fair.

Enjoy our Forum,
Laotan, Admin
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